Thursday, February 22, 2018

12/13/16 Vision 4 Summary

Lots of Q&A and discussion tonight. Very informal. Nice mix from standard literature reads.

Good to learn of Happiness Forever Program and also the Tue (1st and 3rd) ClubHouse Call.

I had also reached out to both LA clubhouse contacts and neither is correct.

In 1980 – anti-aging was considered quackery (most things I read or have read in the past decade have been labeled quackery šŸ™‚ – but I feel it’s changing. Collective consciousness is rising/awakening.

Reminder of 3 steps:
depoli. civilization
replace burden with exhil
remove 1 and 2 – stop cellular degen.

2 fundamental concepts to leap to value creator
1. find your FNE – the business system is the path to creativity
2). supersociety – happens naturally as geniuses rise

staying connected to calls/ community and going through the SLS will help release suppressed emotions. bring out joy and appreciation for life

Performance pay removes a lot of overhead and risk (investors money)

10 seconds miracles are tied to numbers (I’m not there yet).


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