Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lively Call!

Jill and John from Arizona led a great call! So different from Monday’s batch call. I really appreciated their personal take on it. I could tell they invested time and effort into presenting. value! I had read vision 3 and taken notes as part of level 1 homework so it was good repetition. We must release the creative self-leader! Nullify the negatives! That was a new phrase I had never heard before, attributed to Dr. Wallace. Negatives are fear, doubt and so on. It’s basically saying have faith and go for it! Take action. Very reminiscent of 12 step – contrary action –> move your feet to take action, even contrary thought—> stay in faith! trust in the process and that the path will unfold. I heard of the 2 sunday meetings…church! I hope to make it.

More personal takes on the writings- you are unique! Command your power! 12 step is also all about believing in a higher power and then developing a relationship with it. Funnily, my reading today in the big book touched on these themes. It constantly reminds the alcoholic to “ask God” for answers, direction, insight, which I realize are important to alcoholics because at first we lack confidence in our decision since we made so many bad ones. But!… the willingness to ask, reminded me of the willingness to take action in thinking! to force oneself to power think (and do those 6 or so methods MH described while revising his number sheets in the car through the desert). The writing mentioned all the “lost” energy and time spent foolishly and made me think of the efficiency that I am learning in the Neo Literature. So much harmony and alignment.

Very interestingly, I have often felt as an addict/alcoholic that I was extra special and feel very lucky, even gifted to be able to work a program of rigorous honesty and that great things are coming and those in AA have great power to influence society by example. I heard others say that a lot too. After reading the 3 heirlooms I wonder if the rise in alcoholism /addiction is the modern day shift in consciousness – much like when bicameral man shifted. A calling to finda new way, an honest way because we are so sensitive. Very interesting.

3 externals to dump 1) political 2). religious 3) business –> super civilization will out stimulate these 3 and pull over over the forces of nature ahead!

I love the focus on love and compassion

creation replaces destruction

power of choice!

good history lesson: Aristotle (Plato’s student) observced Plato’s theory was wrong –> man hadn’t self-destructed –> so there must be another theory — man is the ultimate value creator!

The power of one! each one of us! it is our duty to life to begin creating where we are at -that brings us into harmony with the universe

fully integrated honesty, self responsibility and pure love will fill our existance forever. nice!

the self leader exists in us all. we must just take action to bring him/her out. (using the tools we’re given/reading)

POL (purpose of living) to be happy and prosper

and the 12 visions (by integrating them) it opens the doors to the vision climax (the SLS -self leader system). It’s a design for living! – like 12 step. In my level 1 integration I wrote I didn’t know what the vision climax was. now i know!



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