Thursday, February 22, 2018

Misposted 12/6 to 12/15 Vision 4

I think I posted this to Monday 12/5 call…. just in case.. here it is again…..

So much information in 4! (notes from heirloom 2)

to stop aging is to achieve bio-immortality

3 part (cause and effect) process to achieve
1). depoliticize civilization – by removing regulation and allowing for the leap from bicameral mentality to NeoThink!

2). replace burden of life with exhilaration of life by FNE – find your joy in life! do it! become a value creator

3). cure cellular degeneration (easy part!) – achieve parts 1 and 2

bicameral man – no inner mind space. only reacted to external stimli, no choice, no decision making – or judgement, etc. —- trance-like automatons

guided by nervous system in form of neurological impulses from rigth to left chamber as audio hallucinations (voices of gods)

right chamber absorbs and absorbs and absorbs information nonstop

left brain one day “sees” a picture or puzzle and goes AHA! – usually only under stress when forced to make a decision

the metaphor and spoken language allowed for this man made evolvement (not nature driven)

Jesus was conscious! brought new mind space to the peasant – the kingdom of God is within you (i.e. your brain/consciousness)

Jesus united man and god —ONE

Pharisees/ruling class divided by creating the Church who alone could communicate with God – thus separation into the dark ages

religions/theocracies – mutation of bicameral mentality – external authorities – modern governments

A conscious mind should guide itself!

supersocity shall deprogram bicameral programming (of becoming a self-leader)

NEOTHINK – man-controlled mentality

(notes from call)

integrate all 12 visions to release the self leader!

mysticism and BOL hold most people back

re-summary of 3 methods to achieve:

1) political
Bicameral –> limited, competitive

NEOTHINK –> UNlimited, CREATIVE! šŸ™‚ hoot hoot!

2). psychological
burden/of/life…LEAP…> EXHILARATION
(val producer) (value creator)

3) cause and effect! clear 1 and 2

Help build the future! become the person you were meant to be (PYWMTB!)

VISION overviews covered

touched on NAPL – pipeline protects and the lengths peoples are willing to go to for a cause – inspirational, they were willing to self destruct (subzero temps, water cannons)

END the rule of Man (ROM) to LAUNCH Wealth of Mankind (WOM)

find your external authorities and eradicate them!


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